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  Want to see it all and enjoy your stay to the fullest? look no further...360 is the only tour that takes you around the whole island in 3 hours. As we go all the way around, we will find the best bays on the day to stop to swim and explore. This tour is the best way to see Magnetic Island in its entirety. 

  While Maggie is great to see by car or bus, it is simply AMAZING by water, and this is why we have created this new business. Enjoy your ride!

  Book your spot today and circumnavigate Magnetic Island in a 3-hour boat tour that will show you every corner of this wonderful place. Discover Magnetic Island best secluded beaches while enjoying

a fun and informative ride.

What our customers say about us

"Loved the tour and what it incorporated! Perfect way to see Magnetic Island in it's entirety. Fast, fun, spectacular views, great price, great guide and unique!"

Zac - see review 

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