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Sunset tour

Follow the sun from Horseshoe bay all the way to Nelly bay and disover Magnetic island most stunning landscapes that cannot be seen from the land. 

360 magnetic island


Departing from Horseshoe Bay, our sunset tour will take you past unique and secluded bays all whilst viewing our stunning sunset. Our trip will be highlighted by many historical sites including: the wreck of SS City of Adelaide off Cockle Bay, Westpoint (the site of a quarantine

station which at one time housed patients suffering from leprosy) and the many species of birds which make the mangroves their home.


Finally, making our way to Nelly Bay, our drop off point, we will come across the beautiful Picnic Bay, which was once totally destroyed by cyclone Althea in 1971. Making a quick dash to Nelly Bay, you will be dropped off in the marina adjacent to Peppers restaurant where you might like to talk about your adventure with friends over an ale or two.

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