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360 Tour 

The best way to see Magnetic Island in its entirety. This is a must do on Magnetic island, this tour is designed for all travelers who want to see it all and are eager to enjoy their stay to the fullest. 


We depart every day from the Nelly Bay Marina. Don't miss out!

Map of magnetic island
1 - Reef side:
Nelly Bay to Radical bay

Our journey will be divided in 3 legs

  We will start our journey by skiming over Magnetic island fringing reef of Florence bay, Arthur bay and Nelly bay keeping an eye out for turtles. In good weather we will be able to see the reef from the boat.

2 - Rocky road:
Radical bay to Westpoint

  The granite rock on Maggie is truley the first thing that pops out when you arrive to explore. The north coastline is where you will find the most free standing and balancing boulders on the island and we get up close and personal to them all. 

3 - West coast: 
Wespoint to Nelly Bay

The wildest and less accessible side of the island. A birdwatcher's heaven. 

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