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180 tour

  This tour is designed for those adventure lovers who enjoy a fast ride and want to discover one of the wildest and less accessible coast of Magnetic island.

  We will depart from Horseshoe bay and take you to West point and back to Horseshoe bay in a 1hour trip. 

Westpoint tour


  Departing from Horseshoe Bay our journey will take you to a more deserted part of our unique Island. We will take you to secluded beaches and bays inaccessible by road or walking tracks on a fast scenic joyride.

  This 180 tour is our fastest and smoothest and most fun ride as we rarely encounter rough water on this side of the island.


  The 180 Tour is all about 9 glorious bays in 1 hour. Despite only being 1 hour duration, the trip will leave you relaxed, refreshed and ready for you to enjoy a great night out on our magical Magnetic Island.

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